Thursday, October 16, 2014

Camera Captures Hong Kong Police Beating Protester

4U2B3: LEAK FULL FOOTAGE-Hong Kong TVB News-Hong Kong Police Brutality To Protesters 15Oct2014 Admiralty

VOANews: Camera Captures Hong Kong Police Beating Protester

Human rights groups are criticizing Hong Kong police for beating an unarmed protester. Several police officers were caught on camera kicking and hitting the protester. The man was unable to defend himself because he wore handcuffs. (read more) (listen)

Words in this Story

  • defend – v. to guard or fight against attack; to protect
  • incident – n. an event or something that happens
  • video – n. a method of recording images and sound without a traditional film camera to be shown on a television, computer or other device
  • legal – adj. of or in agreement with the law

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