Monday, September 29, 2014

Two articles about the Hong Kong Protests

VOA Learning English: Pro-Democracy Protest Grows in Hong Kong

Thousands of Hong Kong protesters have ignored government calls to leave the streets to permit the return of public transport services. Police clashed with the protestors overnight when they tried to end the unrest that had spread over the weekend. (listen)

VOA Learning English: Chinese Media React to Hong Kong Protests

Protesters are demanding that China permit public nominations for the territory’s chief executive. Police used tear gas and pepper spray to force protesters off the streets. But many protesters refused to leave. (listen)
  • clash - n. a battle; v. to fight or oppose
  • dispute – v. to oppose strongly by argument
  • protester (also, protestor) - n. person who speaks against something; objects to something
  • stability - n. the state of being stable; not easily changed or likely to change
  • territory – n. a large area of land

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