Sunday, December 15, 2013

James Bond: Diamonds and Friends are Forever!

(Teacher Jennifer--Here is another story from the Milpitas Adult Ed Senior ESL Class 11/16/2006.)

Mr. Lee:                Are you still interested in going to see the new James Bond movie?

Mr. Wang             Of course!

Mr. Lee                 Are you interested in going to lunch before the movie?

Mr. Lee                 Maybe.  Can you suggest a good place?

Mr. Wang             The movie is at Century Great Mall Theatres. 
                             We could go to Mayflower or Fresh Choice.

Mr. Lee                 I am on a diet.  Let’s go to Fresh Choice.
Mr. Wang             I am glad you chose Fresh Choice.
                             When I go to a dim sum restaurant, I eat too much and spend too much money.

Mr. Lee                 What time does the restaurant open?

Mr. Wang             It opens at 11:00 am.

Mr. Lee                 What time does the movie start?

Mr. Wang             The first showing is at 11:40.

Mr. Lee                 Forty minutes is not enough time for lunch.

Mr. Wang             The second showing is at 12:40
If we have extra time, we can shop.

Mr. Lee                 Good!  I want to find a good present that my children can buy me for Christmas.

Mr. Wang             Hah!

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