Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hernia Operation

(Teacher Jennifer's note--I am going some of my old computer files and found this story from my Senior ESL class 09/20/2006.  My mother passed away in 2011 and the Senior ESL Class has been disbanded.  But I still miss my mother and my Senior students every day!)

I am worried about my mother’s operation because she is so upset.  I decided to ask my Senior ESL class for their advice.

This is what I wrote on the whiteboard:

My mother will have a hernia operation on Tuesday, Sept. 26.
She is very, very sad.
What can I say to her to cheer her up?

This was the class response:

1                   It is a small operation.
2                   Many people have this operation.
3                   After the operation, she will feel much better.
4                   Don’t  worry, be happy!
5                   Pray to God strength.  Ask your friends to pray to God.  We will pray, too.
6                   Talk to a person who had the operation.  What was their experience before and after the operation?
7                   Eat fish or rice soup.
8                   Don’t eat chicken soup—too much fat.
9                   Tell her that her doctor is famous and very skillful.

10              Tell your dad to be brave.

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