Sunday, September 7, 2008


Vocabulary Flash Cards
You need to know how to pronounce a word. You check the dictionary. There are phonetic symbols, but you're not exactly sure which sound goes with which symbol, because different dictionaries use different symbol sets.

You can use web resources with audio, such as Longman Online Dictionary (see the sidebar) or Merriam Webster (which has audio for most words), or carry around electronic dictonary.

You can also use: International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)--English Sounds from UIowa (audio with animation--cool!) (Spanish) (German)

VOANews: Where Did the English Language Come From? Part 1
Five thousand years ago in southeastern Europe, people spoke a language called Proto-Indo-European. 081908

VOANews: How English Became a Modern Language Part II
During the 1500s, English became the modern language we would recognize today. The language later added words from other cultures. 082908

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