Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Constution Day! Happy Citizenship Day!

The USCIS 96 & 100 hall cards are up--thanks to Senior ESL & T/Th Citizenship classes.

Happy US Constitution Day! Happy US Citizenship Day!

Today we will
  • Study the Constitution.
  • Ask the new citizens to talk about studying for citizenship and what has happened after they became citizens.
  • Assign classmates to help people sign the Constitution and give each student a copy.
  • Sign the Constitution.
  • Eat cake!
  • The CA State Budget passed on Tuesday, but Gov. Schwarzenegger has threatened to veto it. If our administration approves, we will fill-out and send the Governor postcards which say: PASS THE STATE BUDGET! FULLY FUND ADULT EDUCATION plus two quotes from the 1st Amendment & the CA Constitution about petitioning the government.

Here are more resources from US Citizenship Podcast for Constitution Day!

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