Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Breaking English News: McCain & Palin II

Today we will continue to study the Breaking English News article:
McCain picks female running mate(read) (handout) (discussion questions)

We will also complete a GOP & Dems National Conventions scrambled Words Puzzle. The words are: carry, each, gavel, grand, huge, other, plans, plank, voting.

Listen to VOANews: Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, Is McCain's Surprise Choice
Listen to all mp3s and watch all videos from VOA 2008 Election News

Yesterday, we reviewed the following terms:
  • evacuate, vacation, vacuum
  • accept, except, expect, surprise turn
  • huge gamble v. wise choice
  • double standard
  • Down Syndrome (listen to VOANews)
  • pro-life v. pro-choice
  • "me: first, country: second" politics.

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