Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Senior ESL Fall 2008

Senior ESL, First Day of Class, Fall 2008

Welcome back! It's great to see everyone again! Mr and Mrs Lin have just returned from the Canadian Rockies. The Lins' neighbors, Chen Hsiao Ling and Chi Kuang Chien have joined the Class. Fu Qisheng transferred from Teacher Tuyet's class. Mrs Song and Mrs Kim went on a cruise to Mexico and will return later this week.

On Monday, we discussed the School Year Calendar and completed an Olympics crossword puzzle. We also discussed ESL Podcast 395 – Watching the Olympic Games

On Tuesday, Teacher Jennifer must leave at 9:45 to go to the USCIS and learn about the latest Citizenship news. Teacher Arezoo will be the substitute teacher.

Tuesday's topic is meetings and greetings. We will read a story about a man meeting a woman who lives in the same apartment building. The man invites the woman to dinner.

ESL-Lab Nice to Meet You is a very simple dialogue about introductions:
ESLPod 351 – Asking for a First Date Learn how to ask the woman of your dreams on a date.

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