Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Teacher Meeting and New Student Registration

Monday, Aug 19 9am, the teacher gathed for our first meeting of the new year. Teacher Eiko returned from Japan last week; and on Sunday, Teacher Judy returned from Hawaii and Teacher Olga returned from Russia on Sunday.

Dan talked about the new air conditioning system in Building 400. He said that the air conditioning might be ready on Wednesday. As soon as he said that, we hear a noise and felt cool air--the air conditioning system is ready!

Dan also talked about the solar energy project. He said that is is the largest solar energy project for schools in the United States. The project is a little bit behind schedule because they need more steel. You can see steel skeleton of the first solar parking structure in front of the school.

Be very careful when you walk from the parking lot. There are many large cracks in the walkway next to the swimming pool.

After Dan spoke, the teachers planned testing and registration. After the meeting, we ate Judy's delicious salads. Then each of the teachers worked on preparing their rooms for the new school year.

Registration News:

Registration (and Testing) for New Students:
Night Students: Mon, Aug 18 6:00-9:30 pm--completed!
Day Students: Tue, Aug 19 9am-12 noon
Saturday Students: Sat, Aug 23 9am-12 noon.

On Mon, Aug 18 6pm, the teacher gathered to register 102 new students for evening ESL and Citizenship classes. Some new students came late--they were told to come back Tuesday evening so that they could take the test.

Registration (NO Testing) for Old Students:
Night Students: Tue, Aug 19 6:00-9:30 pm
Day Students: Wed, Aug 20 9am-12 noon

Class Lists will be posted Friday, Aug 22 5pm

First Day of School:
Day Students: Monday, August 25 8:45am-12 noon
M/W Night Students: Monday, August 25 6:00-9:30 pm
T/TH Night Students: Tuesday, August 26 6:00-9:30 pm

From ESLPod Blog: What is the common and polite way is to say that you have to go to the bathroom?

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