Sunday, August 17, 2008

Celebrate Milpitas! Weekend

Where is Celebrate Milpitas! located? Look up! You will see a huge balloon, marking the fetival site: Calaveras and South Milpitas Blvd. You will see carnaval rides (very cute train ride), two music stages, food stalls, community organization booths, and other vendors. Here is our booth, staffed by Terry, the Corrections Educations Director, and Guillermo, ESL 4 teacher.

The booth was very popular. In the morning, students from Victoria Beauty College gave free manicures. In the afternoon, the medical tech students checked people's blood pressure for free. In the late afternoon, it was quiet and cool, but we still handed out alot of class schedule booklets.

At 6pm, we packed up for Sunday's festival. Teacher Guillermo wanted to get home as quickly as possible, to prepare for the upcoming school year:

Registration (and Testing) for New Students:

  • Night Students: Mon, Aug 18 6pm
  • Day Students: Tue, Aug 19 9am

Registration (NO Testing) for Old Students:

  • Night Students: Tue, Aug 18 6pm
  • Day Students: Wed, Aug 19 9am

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